My specialty is your to-do list.

You want your household to run as efficiently as possible, and we understand how important your time is to you. Much like your cleaning or lawn care service we can take care of your home maintenance on a more regular basis. This works great for busy families or as an ongoing check-in for an elderly relative.

Here are a few of the ways 651-Handyman can make your life a whole lot easier:

  • Help catch-up on overdue repairs

  • Offer advice and guidance on a job you’ve already begun yourself

  • Keep you from having to buy specialty tools

  • Leave you with the feeling that the work was done right the first time

  • Well-maintained homes hold their value.

Plumbing & Electrical Services!!!

We do not perform plumbing or electrical services. We are not licensed or insured to do either.

There is not a "Handyman" service in the entire state of Minnesota that is licensed or properly insured to perform electrical or plumbing services. If they tell you they are, ask them to prove it.

We understand the high rate plumbers and electricians charge, and your desire to save money. However, if you choose to use a handyman for those services, you are gambling with everything you own. Maybe even you own lives in the case of an electrical fire.